Product Retouching

Product retouching is a process of ecommerce photo editing, which includes adding new details or touches to images for correction or improvement. Its aim is to make the photo more attention grabbing that the customers want to buy the product without thinking twice. To achieve the perfection, the product photography retouchers use different tools and take into consideration the importance of color, shape, and texture. The appealing photos of products are the result of their work. The product retouching is used by photographers who work with food photography, advertising photography, fashion photography and everything that is connected with purchasing.

The online purchasing is becoming more popular every day. Currently, people buy everything through the internet from food to clothing. There are many advantages of buying online. You are not limited in time. The variety of articles is overwhelming. The prices are lower and even there are many discounts. You always have an opportunity to read the description of the article and choose the necessary one.

How Does Product Retouching Enhance the Photo?

In this case, the question “How to get the product photography with removing tags?” raises. There are two ways. You can use yourself the Photoshop and edit your product photography. The product photographers spend hours for taking the articles from the right perspective to show all advantages of them. They waste two-times more hours for pictures retouching.

The e-commerce photographers’ work is their hobby. But sometimes, late at night, when you are fully exhausted, you do not have enough time to change photo background or you forget to add a logo to the photo. That can spoil you product photo fully.

Image Cropping.

The image cropping includes clipping the photo from the original image and placing on a sustainable background. The customers like to have a good view of the article they are going to buy. The right angle also plays an important role. Also, the unnecessary borders or objects should be removed. The image resizing will give an extraordinary look at the article.

Watermark Adding

Every producer wants his goods to be unique. If you want to put an end to unauthorized use of your pictures, it is wise to put watermark or logo. Professional editors will do this with ease by means of product photo retouching services.


The masking will make your photos livelier and natural. We suggest using layer masking, translucency/transparency masking and alpha channel masking techniques to lend your product images a life like a feel. Our product image editing services’ professionals will also create shadows around your product images so that they look three-dimensional.

Ecommerce Image Editing Service

The Ecommerce Product Photo Editing includes a wide range of product retouching services. Maybe you do not even think of some of them. The product photography does not consist only of color correction service and background removal service. To achieve the wishful result you can use the high-professional digital retouching. The product photo editing includes image cropping, contrast and brightness adjusting, tags removal, background changing, adding watermark, noise reduction, masking, setting margins. About all these aspects you can read in our retouching blog with many details.

There different types of background you can choose. The white background images are the most widespread.

However, sometimes it is more preferably to use clean background and photographers ask to remove the white background. The right choice of the background plays a weighty role. How to make a background transparent? The transparent clear background is the best choice to emphasize the object. Professional photo editors who are responsible of product retouching will cut out disgusting backgrounds at ease.

Product Photo Retouching Pricing

BASIC (Services applied)
Product Photo Retouching
Cropping & Resizing
Background Remove & Change
Plastic Remove
Photoshop Shadow Effects
Color Replacement
Color Masking
US $2.00 Per Image
PRO (Services applied)
Complex Product Photo Retouching
Cropping & Resizing
Complex Background Remove & Change
Complex Plastic Remove
Photoshop Shadow Effects
Color Replacement
Color Masking
3D/360° Packshot Retouching
US $4.00 Per Image
If you have questions about the volume discounts
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