Markups Escape Photo Retouching

It Saves Your Time and Makes Communication Easier:

Global Photo Edit has a pool of brilliant and expert creative specialists and special techniques with the help of which you can directly draw right on the image, making communication easier. In this process, you can simply put colour marking and add comment boxes and other details.

We have specification and instructions as a process n which you do not have to draw on every image. You can instead edit images in bulk with minimum involvement after setup.

There are times when we require to make things a little clearer and out of the ordinary and two arrows to explain what to remove and what to keep and make the process little faster and make constant image adjustment. In such scenarios these tools are handy.

For instance, there may be several props visible in a photo and you want most of the stuff to be removed; however, there are certain elements that you want to keep. So, it gets easier to highlight the stuff that you want to keep and rest to eliminate.

Visual Instruction Support:

We understand that you usually spend much time on giving retouching instructions and we make your job even faster. Passing endless variants of an image in different file formats with examples is one tough job and to maintain a spreadsheet to track the changes. So, this is the way you could reduce your involvement time and gain optimum output as well.

Markup does not remove or replace the specifications, it is an enhancement only used for unique images or orders and is meant to be used for retouching services and handled at a specification level.

If you need more information about this service, kindly get in touch with us .

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