In this cut-throat competitive business world, the new trend that has come-up is outsourcing services. If you still are not somebody who are reaping the benefits of this kind of business model, you are definitely a loss. Outsourcing is one of the best ways that solve your resource hiring, training, and other on-boarding issues that are time-consuming to increase ROI. It helps you solve most of the business requirements and save time and resources.

With us, you are sure to get the Photo/ Image Editing, retouching and other services delivered in a time-bound and high-quality manner. We ensure that your data and information is safe with us. We maintain the utmost confidentiality and, data security of your services. We cater to your on-time and ongoing requirement of all the services. You can be sure of the outsourcing services as one of your own in-house team.

Here is a list of questions most commonly occurring questions that may cross your mind quite often:

Q: Please elaborate more about Global Photo Edit

Global Photo Edit is a nationally recognized Photo Editing Service provider. It is an Indian service provider, operating from Noida, India. We have launched the company from past many years now. It began with catering to the needs of companies delivering only software development services. Today we have grown multiple folds delivering services in Image Editing, Retouching, professional designing assistance to photographers and more such services. We are a one-stop destination for all your Image and photo editing and editing need of every kind, you name we have it. We are the most dedicated company you will every vouch for. We claim 100% customer satisfaction as we offer on-time delivery keeping the utmost quality of the deliverables.

Q: What all services can I impart to Global Photo Edit?

You may impart us you on-going one-time services from the array of service listed in our portfolio, such as:

  • Photo Editing Services
  • Photo Retouching Services
  • Video Editing Services
  • Video Creation Services
  • Design Services and many more. Get in touch with us today know more and discuss further.

Q: Would taking your Global Photo Edit services to reduce my operational costs?

Definitely Yes. With the help of collaborating with us, you are sure to reduce your operational cost and delivery time by exponential figures is 40-65 % if not more. And that too without adjusting to the quality of the services. If hence is sure to increase the ROI of the business and deliver impeccable quality with the proper delivery timeline. We can provide you with the cost of your project.

Q: What are the phases that an outsourced project goes through?

Once you have decided to outsource a service to us, your project will go through the following phases:

  1. Free Trial period
  2. Project transition Time
  3. On-going Project Timeline Process
  4. Review Time & Feedback

All through, you get 100% assistance from our end, we believe in making customers our family and earn your trust. We do not work as a profit-making body. To begin with, our Free trial is No-Risk Free Trial service with which you are free to evaluate our services a check if it is benefitting your ROI. The Project transition is a phase where we take over in a smooth transitory manner the work from your in-house team to us. Once we completely understand your business then only we take up the job.

The actual on-going stage is when we are working on your project and give you regular status updates. One of our veteran Project Managers will head the team at our office and manage every step of the project. At any given time, your review and feedback are appreciated. You can closely monitor the progress and tell us about your concerns, whenever necessary.

Q: Do you ensure that my business-sensitive data remain secure?

We follow strict security policies within the organization. We understand that data is important to every business and in this era when data privacy measures are utmost important we maintain 100% confidentiality of your information..

At the beginning of every project, we agree to a mutual non-disclosure agreement with the client and our employee that they must stick to the non-disclosure agreement. Also, our security team use installed virtual private networks (VPNs) and firewalls to maintain complete data security i.e. outbound and inbound data security.

Our workstations that our employees’ use do not contain external access and storage devices, such as USB ports, CD drives, and floppy drives. Additionally, all are password protected and we backup important documents in an offsite storage facility regular anti-virus are installed and updates. We have a high-priority surveillance camera in our office to constantly monitor the client,s assets.

Q: How will effective communication take place between us?

You will never face any communication barrier as all communication happens in English over whichever medium you prefer, emails, chats, WhatsApp, phone calls and others.

Q: How can I be assured of the supreme quality of my project work?

The workflow we stick to and the time-management and strategic implementation ensures high- quality of the project, along with the wide-exposure of out veteran professionals retouchers and photoshoot professionals.

Q: I need to be assured of your professionals’ qualifications and skills.

At Global Photo Edit, we are recognized in delivering quality services hence we need to have a pool of skilled, dedicated and highly qualified professionals. All our employees are highly educated and qualified professionals from reputed institutions. Also, we encourage ongoing qualifications by making them sit for seminars and meetings and learn continuously.

Q. How the completed projects signed-off and handed-over?

Once we are through your project work, you must fill up and sign the sent us across on email the work order copy.

Q. What are the modes of payments do you accept?

Once you review the project and satisfied with the results, you can pay the rest of the amount (or as decided) by various modes of payment (mentioned already). You can get in touch with us also, to get better clarity on this.

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