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If you are an e-commerce retailer, it is critical to showcase your entire colour range of products and its variations; as it is not practical to shoot the entire range for every variation and put it on the website. However, with photographers, colour corrections save valuable editing and enhancement time and you can focus on other business or client satisfaction aspects instead of draining your energy in photography display and showcasing.

Creating colour variations are extremely helpful if you want to add another due to the existing product or you have a limited budget to shoot the products and want to list the products with colour variations as a criterion. For example, in e-commerce retail stores where ladies’ garments are in question, the sales increase drastically if you showcase the same item in multiple options of colours. It adds to customer positive experience and offer variety to the customer to choose from and leads to a sale. Colours play a major role when selecting a garment or accessory or shoes, basically the apparel industry.

We are the one-stop-solution to all your apparel color editing/change or correction services. We provide high-quality, natural looking colour variants with quick delivery and affordable prices.

At the very core of Photo Editing, Colour Correction lies. A warm, lively and a well-adjusted palette offer a sense of liveliness and breath of freshness whereas a cold set of colour palette with lifeless and dullness without any reason. So, we at Global Photo Edit ensure that you get what you need, and every image gets what it deserves. So, now do not worry about correcting the colour of your image. Leave that to us and you will find the best results.

We have a pool of Photo Editor specialists who have mastered the art of creating unique pieces out of the boring images. Sometimes, it could be as simple as cropping a picture of your child and putting them at the center of attention to creating composite pictures by blending shots of the same subject at various exposures to attain perfect clarity. There is no boundary to your creativity and imagination, you can produce anything that may bring business and look exemplary. However, one needs to begin somewhere with the basics of your photo editing program and there are several service offerings that you can choose from.

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Using Colour variants:

  • When you want to change the colour of the product in the photo and keep everything else the same. You may more easily compare the colour options.
  • When shooting in a natural frame doesn’t accurately capture the real-life colour of the product.
  • When you want to Introduce a new product in the existing product line and you cannot conduct a fresh photoshoot for it.
  • When you only have one of the few colour samples for the photo shoot and cannot spare time or resources to shoot for the new images.
  • When you have a long list to shoot, it is always better to take a photo of one colour variation for each.

Colour Change Services:

At Global Photo Edit we have helped several clients in attaining colour variants and provided colour correction services to national and international clients. Over the years we have a vast portfolio of editing more than 9 Million photos and this has allowed us to continue to improve our techniques.

This makes sure that your products look the same across all the variants except for the colour. In a few cases, it helps you attain an image that looks more like the product in real life than a natural shot. We excel in providing you with images that represent realistic expectations so the closer you get to the image you will get a better representation of the product.

And we all know that a business thrives when you provide the best shopping experience to your customers and hence it is equally important to deliver natural-looking beautiful images that offer brilliant experience.

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Color Replacement Pricing

BASIC (Services applied)
Color Conversion/Editing
Color Restoration
Color Replacement
US $0.50 Per Image
PRO (Services applied)
Multi Color Conversion/Editing
Color Restoration
Color Replacement
HDR Blending & Exposure Correction
US $1.00 Per Image
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