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We hope you understand by now that we provide you with complete Jewellery Retouching Services:

It is one of the most powerful and useful Photoshop features because it offers the capability of the tool to modify the object time and again and one can possibly go back and return to the original image when not satisfied.

The expert for this purpose uses Lasso tool to click and drag around the objects. So it facelifts your image and you can get rid of the unwanted sports or objects from the mainframe.

Also, if you are looking for an expert professional to remove the background of the images to the level that it is not visible, we are your one-stop solution of this support. So if you are fond of those perfect pictures, you will get it with us.

Usually, you will need these images for your online website and it may also require resizing, change or removal of background and other such retouching services. With this service of ours, you can attain the much-needed brilliance.

Usually, one does not define the Alpha Channel on a pixel-by-pixel count instead per object.

Put some fresh lemon juice on a cotton ball and rub it directly on the affected skin area.

So, you want a different background colour and want to alter it as per your theme or requirement, we are the answer to this need. So, if you want more contrast between the backgrounds, you can change the contrast, gradient, or solid colour.

In order to provide your products a magnetic effect, you may always use this brilliant technique and convert your background to white background.

Also, you can create new backgrounds to the old images and give it a facelift. It is always an option to give a snazzy background to your existing theme of the website or catalogue and or albums.

remove background

Giving New Zing to Old Images

There are innumerous methods to provide your images with a new zing a new life and casting a shadow in the background is one of them. Casting a shadow over some of the products serves as an instrument to get attention to your products. These are some of the adjustments that give your catalogue an added edge over others. Primarily, there are three different forms of shadows, namely- natural, drop shadow, and reflection shadow and the first one i.e. natural one is the easiest one, and reflection show offers more glamour effect to the image. Each other can be provided by our experts.

There are other processes that you may use to enhance your photos, images and the catalogue in total. Some of us may get fortunate in achieving images with white background. However, there is a way to attain it. The process is called ‘Cleaning’. The process involves cleaning of all the background consists of removal of all the details and minute shades and just keeping the object only. It is process takes fine detailing and focus and it can be done by our experts. When we provide this enhancement to your product it changes the groundwork from the existing one to white or transparent.

We understand that your catalogue and images are extremely important to you and this is the service requirement that can offer your business a boost.

We are an expert in providing such services and offer you complete satisfaction. We deliver our services with 100% accuracy and have achieved highly appreciated results.

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